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  Matie Viles
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New and Renewal applicants: The deadline for applications for the 2024-2025 school year is April 1, 2024. Applications must be postmarked by that date. ~Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has announced that 45 scholarships were awarded in May, 2023. These scholarships totaled $95,600.00.
~Viles Foundation, Inc.

New Mexico Highlands University selected Matie Viles and Ken and Sue Crimmins to co-name the new Student Residence hall on their campus. It is known as the "Matie Viles and Ken and Sue Crimmin Student Residence Hall". ~Viles Foundation, Inc.



Speaker Casey Barbara Perea Casey Speaker Barbara Perea Casey, second from left with Dr. Clarence Sanchez, Armando Pollack, LouElla Marr-Montoya, Viola Esquibel and brother Salomon Esquibel. All but Dr. Sanchez are scholarship recipients. Speaker Pena Juan Jose Pena Merideth Hmura, LouElla Marr-Montoya and speaker Juan Jose Pena. Speaker Montoya Les Montoya Les Montoya, a speaker and
San Miguel County Manager,
with his wife Rosemarie Montoya.

Speaker Ortiz JoAnn Alcon Ortiz JoAnn Alcon Ortiz is the mother of Nicole and Erica Sanchez. JoAnn talked about how much it meant to her, as a single parent to educate her daughters because of the Viles scholarships.

Speaker Montoya Rebecca Montoya Rebecca Montoya spoke about the importance of the Viles scholarship in her life. She is the Adjutant Secretary, New Mexico Department of Transportation.

Speaker Rosenfelt Viola Martinez Esquibel Rosenfelt Viola Martinez Esquibel Rosenfelt founded the first charter school
in Albuquerque. She thanked
the Viles Foundation board for
her educational opportunity.


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